October 22, 2012

Back on Track

So I can't believe I've been missing from the blog for two weeks. It's been a crazy two weeks. We went from trying to keep our Italian wedding a secret, to finally telling everyone that we've been planning to get married in Italy since September.

The date will be 1/12/13 in Pisa, Italy. I AM BEYOND EXCITED!! Overwhelmed, but very happy. Everyone has been extremely happy for us and I'm feeling very blessed. Earlier this week I got to go visit my best friend down in Auburn and all we did was talk about weddings and newlywed life. I even picked up one of the tops I want to wear for my engagement photos this coming weekend.

Life is going very well. I keep waiting for my little bubble to bust. Until then I'll be acting all crazy getting everything ready for our wedding! Any wedding tips or advice I should know about???

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