September 10, 2012

Race a Month // September

The Color Run - Birmingham, AL : 5k

Before: For two months I haven't been able to train, I'd maybe run at total of 20 miles. My IT band was still giving me trouble, but I knew this was a very laid back race and I could walk if needed. We bought tickets back in January so we were all pretty pumped for the Labor Day race. Race day we woke up to horrible thunderstorms but still decided to head out to the race. We ended up being on the front line of the first wave. We stood in pouring rain for over an hour before the race even started.

During: The race started and people were already throwing their color packets. It was raining so the powder clumped up and was staining people's skin. The whole course was on a race track, so to say it was hilly would be an understatement. The first .25 was uphill, my best friend and I were winded two minutes into the race! We came up on the first color zone, red, and it was so hard to see anything through the powder being thrown. The rain was getting more intense and my sneakers were so heavy. We kept on trucking up hills, down hills, around corners, through color zones and only walked a few times. Finally we were close to the end, I was very ready to be done. Rob and I held hands like big ole nerds to the finish line... okay Rob was dragging me, but whatever. We came through at about 27 minutes. All 4 of us were surprised at how quick we ran despite some walking and horrible hills.

After: No one wanted to stick around for the color party at the end. We already looked like some kind of horrible tie dye experiment. Really want to do another city and pray it doesn't rain. I think it would have been much more fun and not as cold. Overall, we had fun and it's a great story! Very glad my friends Michael and Vicki drove up to run it with me :)

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