April 10, 2012

running and running

So with my goal to run one race each month for the whole year, I'm constantly in training or keeping in shape for another race. It's really been fun. Mostly because I'm competitive enough with myself that I don't slack off for fear of being slower than my previous time. However, I'm changing some things up in the next few races. Less 5k's for a specific time and more just for fun and a new experience.

April's race will be my last super competitive race for awhile. It's my first 10k. I'm aiming for under 53:30, I hit that time during my half marathon so it's very attainable.

I've signed up for the Color Run in Birmingham for September and I'm hoping to do my first mud run in May. This has been the best goal I've ever set for myself. It's motivating, it has variety and I get to plan (I love planning).

I would really encourage you all to find something you can push yourselves to accomplish each month. It's very rewarding and you get gratification every 30 days or so :) You could try visiting a new restaurant in your town each month, doing something different at least once a month with your hair, etc. Let me know if you guys play along.

**p.s. I wear Nike Free Run 2+ and I went up a half size**


  1. I haven't ran a competitive race in a long time and this past February, my friends convinced me to sign up for the color run! Ours is in July!

    1. Thats awesome!! I cannot wait for it :) such a happy race... you'll have to give me all the tips on how to not ruin the car I ride home in ;)

  2. I'm pushing myself to get on my mini stepper more! Yesterday was 20 minutes so I'll try to do 25 minutes today. Those little thingies are no jokesters, they look so easy but they really make your thighs feel the burn :)

    Good luck on your goal!


    1. Good job pushing yourself, and no those machines are no joke. Keep me updated!!