April 14, 2012

Full Speed Ahead

Everyday I've been plugging away on my to-do list for the shop. I'm in the middle of making a wholesale catalog, designing a new collegiate line and photographing new product. It's been really great for all the hours I usually sit around in my hotel room. This weekend I went to a local coffee shop to do some design work and it kinda felt like I was back in school, cramming for finals. I sometimes miss school.

I'm rambling... anyways, then I took a quick trip to Goodwill and Hobby Lobby. Goodwill was not the jackpot I had hoped it would be. I wanted some really good pops of color for my photo shoot. However, Hobby Lobby came through for me. Side note, Baton Rouge has to have the largest store in the universe... I literally wandered around for over an hour... I'm embarrassed to admit that. Although, half of the time I was looking through their clearance bins and found these beauties for $2.49.
At first when I saw them I just wanted them cause they were pretty and so ME. Then I was like, Samantha you don't need those... oh wait, yes I do... I can use them in my photos! WINNER! I probably had this whole conversation out loud in the aisle, but people that shop at Hobby Lobby are most likely use to crazy craft people...
Then I had the challenge of making my dimly lit hotel room into a place I could actually get good photos out of. At my mom's house I'm spoiled by the garden window in my room. It has the most beautiful lighting at any time of day. But I had to work with what I had. Luckily, there is one very large window in my main living area, so I dragged the table over to it and MAN did I luck out. I'm so excited to share the photos I got out, but these teases will have to do until Monday.
Hope you all had a great weekend!

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