September 5, 2011

last day of being 22.

So I miss you blog world. Having such a crazy job isn't good for the blog, but I have lots to fill you in on.

Tomorrow I turn 23. How is this possible?
Sept 10th, I leave on a NOAA vessel for a 15 day cruise to do deep water sampling in the ocean.
Tomorrow classes start back at my college, I wish I was gonna be there, I miss my friends.

The last few weeks have been very emotional. They've actually been closer to the word miserable. Lots of family things involving my grandparents, wishing I was closer to help support my mom and an unexpected funeral of a friend.

At the funeral, one speaker used the term "bruised reed"... I'm feeling bruised, but I know I'm not broken. I'm going to be okay and my family will get through this.
Focusing on the positives, I have an amazing job, I'm getting to go out on a boat for 2 weeks, I'll be visiting a good friend in Austin Texas soon, and then New Zealand in January. Lots to be thankful for. Hopefully I'll have more time to blog while I'm out at sea. I can give you guys a little bit of tour of what a government boat looks like :)



  1. happy birthday :) have fun on the boat! it sounds so exciting!

  2. happy birtday sam. we're calling you soon. love you more than life! -Jessie

  3. Happy Birthday :)
    Wow seeing your posts telling how much you're loving your job makes me a little bit hopeful about my next year! I'm super scared about not liking my job (I'm not sure if I choose well my degree) but I hope I'll be as happy as you working on it!