July 1, 2011

Megan's Summer Trends//Brights

Hi! It’s Megan here with another monthly summer trends post. Nothing says summertime like bright pops of color. You see it in flowers that are in bloom, bright fruits and vegetables that are in season, and refreshing drinks that cool you off when the heat becomes unbearable. It is especially lots of fun to add bright colors to your wardrobe and accessories during the summer months.

In clothes...

In makeup...

and in accessories...

The accessories in the Indie and Chic Summer Collection would be perfect to brighten up any outfit this summer. If you really want them to pop, try wearing your bright accessories with a neutral color such as white, tan, or even black to really make them stand out.

How do you plan on wearing the bright color trend this summer? Do you plan on trying out a new lipstick or eye shadow? Or are you going to add to your wardrobe with a new skirt or shirt that really makes you stand out?

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