September 30, 2013

Taking Stock.

I saw this on The Daybook and wanted to play along. I love her blog and her adorable son.

Making: a tiny human, 24 weeks 2 days // 6 months in
Cooking: banana bread muffins from our neglected bananas
Drinking: Milo's sweet tea, the kind with Splenda
Reading: Two Minute Drill to Manhood by John Croyle; how to raise a son, it's so darn good. 
Wanting: new french doors to the side porch and a new wood paneled front door...sigh
Looking: forward to Thanksgiving with both sides of our family!
Playing: with the pup dogs at the dog park
Wasting: away our weekends, we are seriously so lazy, but I kinda don't care because Rob's home and here. That won't be the case in a few weeks. 
Sewing: a little cross stitch of Italy for the nursery
Wishing: for an unlimited clothes budget for our little one, the new j. crew baby makes my wallet hurt thinking about it.
Enjoying: football season with Rob 
Waiting: to close on our 1st house, 18 more days.
Liking: the crispness in the air every morning and evening. I want to bottle it up. 
Wondering: what color hair our little boy will have
Loving: the man I get to claim as my husband, he just rocks. 
Hoping: for closure and peace as my grandfather gets closer to leaving us.
Marveling: at the fact that Rob pointed out a falling meteor during the football game this Saturday. IT WAS MAGICAL.
Needing: some kind of backyard guru to come build a deck and landscape our backyard, ya that would be great. 
Smelling: freshly washed sheets
Wearing: my favorite pajama pants and praying they fit me throughout this pregnancy
Following: my gut
Noticing: the leaves have already started to fall
Knowing: that I only have 4.5 months till Rob deploys and praying for guidance every day.
Thinking: about when I can run again, actually run, not jog. I miss sprinting. 
Feeling: restless and tired at the same time
Bookmarking: baby toys and baby clothes, it's a problem
Opening: some of the sweetest Mom-tobe cards from friends
Giggling: every night before bed 

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