February 19, 2013

Floral Bouquet Headbands // Shop Update

I added a few new floral bouquet headbands to the shop recently. Every single one is one of kind, won't be another exactly like it. I love making these for special occassions and weddings. If you know anyone who might be interested, send them over.

I'll go ahead and answer a few questions I get about the headbands.

  • No, they aren't those tight metal headbands that give you headaches after a few hours. I can wear them all day and feel great. I usually stretch mine out a bit when I first make a new one, let it sit out for 24hrs stretched out (just put the headband on something where the bands have to stretch). 
  • Yes, they are durable. I'm not advising you to drop it on your floor, but you will not have flowers falling off. I test each headband for loose flowers after making each one. 
  • Not waterproof. Like most jewelry you might not want to swim in it. Wet hair, no problem. Raining outside, no problem. Scuba diving, PROBLEM. Use common sense.
  • Will the colors fade?? They won't fade unless you plan on spending about a week in the blaring sun with your headband on. Otherwise, your headband will stay brightly colored for many years. 
  • Maintenance. Has dust gotten into your flower petal details? It happens. I advise using a paintbrush or clean make up brush to maintain the headbands. If you HAVE to use water make sure you dry it immediately. 

Still on the fence about getting your very own headband?? This week only headbands ship for FREE!! Use code FREESHIPHB at checkout. I promise you will love these headbands every day of your life, yes they are that amazing!


  1. bahaha "scuba diving, PROBLEM!"

    these are sooooo pretty!! I kind of want them all... haha! & it's good to know that they don't hurt your head! That's the first thing I think of whenever I see headbands. "pretty, but OUCH." haha!

  2. I love your pretty headbands! I might need one for spring...so many outfit ideas in mind right now...

    kendall from buttons & blossoms