January 17, 2013

Mr. & Mrs.

The wedding was beyond perfect, I couldn't have imagined it going better. My mom spent the night before with me, it was a very special time with my mom. I woke up that morning at 5:45am to start doing my hair. The morning was so surreal, Rob's mom came in to see me and give me a handkerchief from her mother. It was very touching and I ended up wrapping it around my bouquet. Rob's sister Amelia came in to take photos of me putting the dress on and it started hitting me what was about to happen. I desperately wanted to see Rob, but we agreed to wait until I was walking down the aisle.

The only interaction we had before the service was exchange notes in a doorway at the palace. We couldn't see each other at all, but we stood there reading our notes. It was a moment I'm very glad we have and I cried a lot. On the way to the church in Pisa, Rob wore a pillowcase so he couldn't see me. I'm pretty sure the town thought we were kidnaping someone. Once we arrived at the church I was beyond words. I hadn't seen the church in person and it was more than I could have dreamed. I couldn't believe I was about to get married there.

I waited at the end of the aisle with my mom. I remember her asking me if I was sure and that we could get away if I wasn't sure (I know she was just being a good mom). I replied, 'no I really like Rob' which made her laugh. I've never doubted that I was supposed to marry Rob. Once the music started I got pretty emotional, seeing Rob smiling at the end of that aisle was the sweetest. My mom handed me off and then the service was turned over to the Mayor of Pisa. He spoke in Italian and then our translator would recite the words in English. The Italian wedding articles hinted to equality and responsibility in the marriage, very different from a religious service. After we were officially pronounced Man and Wife, Rob's brother in law, Jason, came up and did our religious vows. Reciting those words back while looking in to Rob's eyes was my favorite moment of the wedding. We then got to kiss for a 2nd time and then the music started! We walked out to Signed, Sealed, Delivered, which was amazing.

We left the church and headed over to the leaning tower of Pisa, it was my first time seeing it and I was impressed. We ended up being the main tourist attraction there, and so many tourists kept taking photos of us or with us. I can't wait to see how those photos turned out!! After we all took a few hours to rest and then Amelia took some more photos of us in our Hotel, Palazzio Tucchi. I'm in love with all the photos I've seen so far, she makes me look as good as I felt that day.

That night we all met for a wedding dinner at Ostrella Barrella in Lucca. They had made us a wedding cake and we even took photos with the whole restaurant staff, I can't wait to send them the photo. I'm hoping when Rob and I go back one day our photo will be on their wall. The dinner was amazing. We laughed and took a few dozen polaroids. I'm loving being sisters with a photo junkie. During the dinner the whole restuarant started chanting something in Italian and then we stood up and every one clapped. It was pretty amazing. I want to freeze the dinner in time.

After dinner we went out for one last photo shoot with Amelia and Jason. We had been drinking so it was pretty hilarious. Amelia's husband Jason became assistant, fog machine and photoshoot DJ. We had a blast and it was great view into the rest of our lives with those two!! I have no idea how Amelia got anything done during that hour, because she was the only one being serious. She probably wanted to kill us all, but she is magician behind the camera. I was pretty speechless when I saw what she captured. I'll be her biggest fan until the end of time, both on the sister end and the photographer end.

And that my friends was our wedding day. More than any girl can hope for and I'm so happy to be a part of a new family. I'm a very lucky girl.

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  1. Absolutely precious. I'm in love with the first photo!

  2. Your dress is absolutely breathtaking! WOW!!! The photo of you two holding hands blindly is so sweet :) Congratulations!

  3. such an amazing looking wedding!

  4. Well, you are absolutely beautiful and have a very handsome husband!What a storybook wedding to remember! I'm so happy for you and look forward to seeing you in Birmingham in February with Shirley and Vicki. I can't wait to cath up!


  5. OMG!! I love it!! Congrats Samantha!! Your wedding is so lovely!!!

  6. Congratulations Samantha and Rob! As I read your narrative of your wedding day, I felt like I was there! I could picture everything; and it gave me chills. I am so very happy for you. The photos of you two are amazing, and you my little sis are absolutely stunningly beautiful!I love that you and your mom were able to spend the night before together and enjoy eachother! All my love to you and Rob and your mom xo. Can't wait to see you in like 3 weeks!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Congratulations! These photos are just stunning! It sounds like such a perfect time.

  8. Huge congratulations! Samantha you look gorgeous! I cried reading about your day. I hope you enjoy the rest of your time in Italy xo