December 28, 2012

One Little Word 2013 : Commitment

I'm jumping on the bandwagon with Ali E. and Elise this year. So if you are confused by One Little Word, start here.

It's only fitting I guess that I ended up choosing 'commitment'. Fitting because 2013 will start with one huge commitment, marriage. The biggest commitment I'll have in my life until we add someone else into our family.

Commitment is also something I struggle with, my plans to exercise, eat healthy and even in my business. I've felt like I started strong in 2012 and then lost momentum and didn't stay committed. So this year I want to commit and see all my commitments through. No more losing drive or finding excuses.

So here we go 2013, let's do this, I'm committed.

- I commit to healthy meals 5x a week and becoming efficient in the kitchen.
- I commit myself to my marriage. Everyday. Good. Bad. In-between.
- I commit to taking my business further
- I commit to a new exercise plan
- I commit to enjoying little moments and not wishing the days away

"It's little choices everyday that lead us to the final results we are striving for" Jason Bartels

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