November 12, 2012

Around Here

I feel like I've totally abandoned this blog, don't worry it's not permanent. Last weekend I moved into a house, YES! a house! The home belongs to Rob's brother-in-law, and was built by Rob's great grandfather. It's an amazing home and we've been cleaning and moving for the last week. We still have a lot to do, and I plan on sharing all my progress on the blog.

As for wedding plans, it's all coming together pretty well. The legal side of trying to get married in Italy is hard work and costly, but we are determined to do this the way we want and end up legally married in Italy. I ordered my engagement announcements Friday and I'm hoping to mail them out this coming weekend. The dress shop called me and my dress is ready for it's first fitting. I'm going to have to wait till next week to go try it on, but that also gives me about 10 more days to get serious about working out. I didn't need to lose much, really any, but I ordered down a size to motivate myself. I think I was slightly crazy for doing so.

Speaking of fitness, Sunday I ran my 2nd half marathon. I'll do a full post on it soon, but wow! I am so out of running shape. My knees just hate running now. Not sure what else to do about my IT bands, but they were in screaming pain the last 6 miles... I had to run/walk, but mostly walk the last 2 miles. I've never felt anything like it, kinda felt like someone was drilling into the sides of my knee caps. BUT, I finished. I was really proud for not giving up or just walking once I had pain. My whole body really hurts today, lots of baths in my future. The really bright spot of the race was getting to see my friend Walker who lives out in L.A., she flew in and we stayed at her families beach home. It was so nice to get away for two days and laugh with a girlfriend.

This month I'm hoping to put out some posts on training for any distance, how to start running, home makeover projects and how to decorate a Thanksgiving themed table. Ya'll hold me accountable :)

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