September 17, 2012

Things I Made // Floral Wreath

As my October show quickly approaches I've been scrambling around trying to get all my decorations for the booth completed. This weekend I tackled two projects, this wreath was my small one. I got the original idea from this post.

Super easy I shouldn't even call it a DIY. So simple and no glue needed, great holiday project for the kiddos as well.

Supplies // Wire cutters, floral wire (I picked mine up at the Dollar Tree), wire leaf garland, fake flowers, and some ribbon or twine.

I began by cutting a piece of wire, I didn't really measure as I wanted them all to be random sized circles. I then shaped the wire into a circle to wear the ends almost touched, I found the Dollar Tree wire was very soft and easy to manipulate. Next I started wrapping the leaf garland around the circle, when I got the where the ends of the wire met I made sure the leaf garland connect the two. I kept wrapping until there were no more gaps, I believe I went around the wire 2 times and then cut off pieces to fill in. Then I added some flowers, they had a two inch wire attached to them so it was very simple to wrap into the wreath. Lastly, I added a piece of twine so I could hand the little wreath in my booth.

I plan to make five total, two larger and two much smaller than the one show here. Can't wait to show you all my finished booth from the show. Next week I'm going to share another tutorial that I'm pretty proud of. I spent all of Sunday sitting at a sewing machine and the end result is amazing. Have a wonderful Monday.

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