July 19, 2012

Ring Display // DIY

After last weekend's show, I knew I needed a better way to display my rings. I had a few ideas bouncing around in my head and then I just decided to try something and work from there. I roamed around my local store and found a wooden spice rack ($6), a 1/2" wooden dowel ($.87) and a can of ivory spray paint ($4). I really had no idea exactly how I was going to execute the project, but here is how it unfolded.

1 // I sanded the wooden spice rack down with medium grade sandpaper. 2 // I placed a few of my rings on the dowel to see where I wanted to make my cuts. 3 // Cut the dowel down into three 3" lengths. I used a hand saw and struggled a lot, wishing I was back at home to use the electric. 4 // Since my lengths were kinda uneven I played around with the best way to situate them and then made marks. 5 // I used a glue gun to attached the dowels to the wooden spice rack. **Honestly, at this point I thought I had failed, it wasn't too pretty. 6 // Two coats of spray paint. Love this brand. Allowed it to dry for 24 hours.

AND TADA!! An very inexpensive ring display for my next show. I'm thinking of mixing in some earrings as well so it isn't too overwhelming.

Okay opinions? Comments? Any better ideas? I'd love to hear them!

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