March 10, 2012

The Battle of the Hotel Air Conditioning Unit

Background: It looks so innocent, so simple. Do not be fooled by this little white box... it tricks you into thinking you control your own air flow, but oh no you most certainly are not.
Round 1: The white box has a sidekick... meet the unit. Looks like a normal air conditioning unit... haha think again. This bad boy has a jet engine inside that likes to kick in right when you're about to fall asleep... or better yet when you're trying to listen to anything at a socially acceptable hotel room volume. Honestly, I've almost peed myself when it has kicked on some nights... it sounds like grinding metal mixed with a very annoying teeth chattering.
Air Conditioning 1 : Samantha 0
Round 2: Okay so now you are numb to the constant teeth chattering sounds and jet engine blast off... but this unit isn't playing games. You know you've set the unit for 68 degrees. You hop into bed feeling cold, you bundle up and start to dream... THEN BAM! It's an African desert in your hotel room. You wake up wondering if you've wet the bed or if you just broke a record fever. Then you realize the teeth chattering has stopped... no metal grinding sounds... and the jet engine is out for the count... You discover that this simple unit only stays on for a few hours before going to sleep itself. HAH! What's the point of an air conditioning unit you have to re-activate every three hours?!? IS THIS EVEN REAL LIFE?? Now picture me having to sleep in barely anything... actually don't picture that... this is a PG blog. Moving on.
Air Conditioning 2 : Samantha 0
Round 3: Starts with me googling the actual air conditioning unit to figure out what the F is going on here. Setting the unit for 65 before bed has only resulted in me going to be dressed for Everest and waking up in a bikini... still sweating.... So after hours, read 15 minutes, I find the secret weapon.... a bypass function. MWAHAHAHA. You are going down air conditioning unit from a popsicles nightmare. And just like that I restored order to my first floor room. So bring on your jet engine sounds and your teeth chatterings... I'm sleeping in PJ's again... like a boss.
Air Conditioning 2 : Samantha SLEEPING LIKE A BABY

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