May 19, 2011


what I really wish I could post is a video of myself attempting to carry three 50lb boxes across campus to the mail room. but alas I have no one to hold the camera... it would have been epic.
loving this over exposed, dirty mirror self-portrait
trying to stay positive... things have gotten so bad that I've begun procrastinating with Yahtzee on my phone. I told you... it's bad. haha.

I will leave you with my to-do list as to motivate myself and hold myself accountable! Send some motivation my way blog land, this girl needs it.

Things to do before Friday at 5pm
*Ship 3 boxes home
*Make sure I haven't left anything in storage
*Clean out car
*Get car serviced
*Break and have a mini dance party
*More packing
*Take unwanted items to the campus Reuse Room

I will reward myself with a new print from etsy, something inspiring and meaningful :) xoxo lovers!

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  1. oh man i hate moving... but being finished feels so good! good luck!!