March 25, 2011

an outfit share.

I need to take better photos of my outfits on the days I try. i.e. not in the mirror in my dorm room, haha.

Here is my outfit from Wednesday.
The belt is from my mom, it's my favorite accessory EVER! the cardigan is from American Eagle, the white top is from Alternative Apparel, the boots are Minnetonka and the jeans are from Forever 21.
and yes I need to clean my mirror, haha. oops!


  1. That belt is amazing! I love it. My dorm room mirror is always disgusting haha!

  2. Have you considered a tri-pod and using the timer function on your camera?

  3. Loooooooooove that entire outfit!!! I want that belt. And I am loving the colour of your cardigan. I have so many dresses/shirts in that colour!! :) I want your boots, too. Okay, ho about you just send me everything... bahah!