February 28, 2011

february recap.

at the first of the month I made a few goals, although I didn't get to them all, it really made me try some new things :)
- stay organized and don't procrastinate (got on a weekly schedule with the college's job placement staff)
- be more spontaneous and participate (Book Across the Bay Volunteer, traveling on a Thursday, built a fort)
- be brave with my style, try some new things (statement necklace, dyed my hair, wore weird goodwill outfits)
- stay in touch with friends and make an effort (YES! talked to almost every long distance friend this month and caught up, skype)
- workout at least 20 times this month (15 down, and now 3lbs less than Jan.)
- make 4 new things just for fun (worked on several new projects, huge shop sale)
- read at least one book for pleasure (NOPE, just didn't happen)

I'll post my March goals later this month, and my project LIVE for Feb. tomorrow. xoxo
What are your March goals?

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