December 6, 2010

my studio

and I say studio lightly. My little craft nook in the corner of my dorm room.

it's small, but it's very functional. I love the pegboard, I made that my sophomore year out of an old picture frame and pegboard from the hardware store, so easy and affordable. I keep all my favorites here.

I'll be sharing inside my desk in January :) Leave me links to your craft spaces, xoxo


  1. so cute! and so awesome that everything is all organized! my little nook needs a serious overhaul, i'm in desperate need of a little bookshelf like yours...

    and also, i LOVE your new blog layout!! so classy, or should i say chic ;] haha!

  2. It is far cuter and much more organized than my usual craft space, which is just my bed and a large tub of yarn. Haha.
    I love the little drawers, and of course the peg board. :)

  3. You're incredibly organized! I would take photos of my work space right now but I'm embarrassed! Haha. I just moved to a new room and we're just about to get a bunch of bookshelves/storage built, so for now everything is just EVERYWHERE.