August 19, 2010

Free Concert...

So I'm not a HUGE fan, but my landlord had an extra ticket and gave it to me for being such an awesome tenant... so I'm leaving work early today and driving to Portland Oregon for a ....

LADY GAGA concert.... secretly hoping Beyonce makes a surprise appearance for telephone...hehe

so yea, here's to hoping I enjoy myself and don't judge everyone else there... I'm a concert judger haha.

So if you are in the Portland OR area Friday morning and want to thrift, get coffee etc, let me know :)



  1. Sounds awesome - can't beat a free concert! :P
    Hope you have fun! :)

  2. My gosh. That is by far the coolest thing ever!

  3. wow.. I am sooo jealous!! I want to go to one of her concerts badly!!!!

  4. girrrl, i'll totally be in portland oregon tomorrow morning, i live here! haha! email me and maybe we can meet up, there's a little cafe across the street from my house that i've been dying to go to. all the hip grandma's are always hangin out there, haha!

  5. i hope you enjoy! take lots of pictures of those concert-goers! :D

  6. Dude. Have fun! :) I'm not her biggest fan, but the concert is sure to have some crazy outfits/antics, hey? he he.