February 11, 2010

Super Nervous :)

Congrats to Julee(~*~) and mamacooker! They each won a cute ring from my etsy store :) yay!
Thanks to everyone who commented, I hope you continue :)

So today I had a really great lecture in my business class, it was one of my favorite topics so far and I still haven't figured out why. The class is about ethical leadership, and I find it so interesting. Anyways, my Professor found out I have a small online business and asked me to give a brief 10 minute lecture to the whole class about it. I don't really tell people on campus that I have a business let alone a bunch of people I barely know. I have no idea how I will keep the boys in the class intrigued, but oh well.

That's about all going on in my life right now. I spent this afternoon working on my mom's business's website, TopStitchin'.


  1. Oooo, I'm so exited! My first blog win!
    Thanks Samantha!!!

    Good luck with the lecture. I'm shure it will be great. You'll know the socks off of those boys :)